Ibrahim Unites

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A depressed veteran seeks answers to his family's origins and receives help from a mystical stranger as their destinies become aligned in purpose to thwart the rise of evil.


“Open your eyes and believe”: ZION RIVERS, an international man of action and the last ALLUNDAE GRANDMASTER, is a member of an ALIEN race that came to earth over 30,000 years ago. He searches for the remnants of his kind, to halt a growing EVIL in the guise of cult leader LANDEN MUELLER (an Allundae of lesser stock known as the SANGANESE). Mueller has developed a cult following numbering in the tens of thousands and seeks to corrupt mankind by replacing established religions with his own perversion. He is allied with an ancient enemy of the Allundae, the FICAR EGO, from the planet MAKUWE in the CYGNUS star system. SWORN ENEMIES of the Allundae who now seek to colonize earth. 'Everything is remembered, and everything will be avenged.' The battle cry of the Allundae, who never forget, but are they too late to save us?



James Lee Nathan III 
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Robert Manis is intriguing, sexual, and mysterious. Love that the female characters are strongly written. The dichotomy and antagonism of the male and female characters always leave you wanting more. A MUST read that left me hoping for a sequel...James Lee Nathan III just became one of my favorite authors
Jody Gearing blogger

After reading part 3 of the Manis trilogy, I am like I was over the first 2..AMAZED!!! Also wanting more, saying "this cannot be over" they were so well written, that I couldn't stop reading..James Lee Nathan III u are one FANTASTIC author...more more more!!

Lisa Ward Slade 


No Brakes 2 and I Need an ALIBI

Speaking of Rachel Holt..."She is like a hung jury all wrapped in one; filled with dogged determination to do the right thing, but wanting more than anything just to be left alone." J.Margolis 

This book didn't disappoint in any way. It was able to hold my attention where most books don't. From beginning to end, I was in it and can't wait to read more from this author. Thank you! Annamarie Humenik Smith
Are there no more Dragon Warriors? 

An intriguing story with a spiritual twist. This book exceeded most of my expectations. Besides having an intriguing cover, the story hooked me from the beginning. With several twists and turns to keep you hooked, this is one book that I would recommend to everyone. Rebecca Larsen 



"Once again the mind of JLN3 thrills me as he entertains my thoughts with yet another glimpse into a page turner! I'm honored to have read much of what James has to offer, and I have never been disappointed. If you want to read something that takes you to another place and time and keeps you enthralled along the way, read anything by this author!! You won't be disappointed!!" Trulydivyn


"Intriguing, and captivating through to the end. JLN3 keeps you on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next just as much as to see who the killer will be. JLN3 nails what his audience likes to read yet again." Kshayes


Urban Fiction by James Lee Nathan III author

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